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COVID-19 Essential Service Provider

During the next 4 weeks we will be operating as a Essential Service Provider for Washing Machines, Fridge Freezers, Ovens/Stoves & Cooktops.

Other appliances may be repaired if they present an electrical hazard or are in a commercial environment.

Most parts are also still available and can be supplied via our online store and couriered out.

Safe working practices and social distancing will be maintained at all times.

The AB Appliances Team

Note: All prices are exclusive of GST

We can ship spare parts New Zealand wide

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Daewood Fridge Door Pocket / Bottle guard
$45.00 + GST$51.75 GST Inclusive Daewood Fridge Door Pocket / Bottle guard
Part nr: 30190-0019800-00
Diagram image nr: 5
Suits Model: FGT-24WNH … Read More »
Daewoo Fridge Jumbo Pocket / Bottle Guard
$30.00 + GST$34.50 GST Inclusive Daewoo Fridge Jumbo Bottle Guard
Part nr: 30190-0023600-00
Suits Model: FGT-24WNH
Diagram image nr: 6 … Read More »
Daewoo Refrigerator Door Gasket
$70.00 + GST$80.50 GST Inclusive Daewoo Refrigerator Door Gasket
Part nr: 3012316800 - Diagram nr 15
Suits Model nr: FR-093R , FNT-12WNH, FR-146, FR-146R … Read More »
Daewoo Freezer Lower Drawer (ice blue)
$80.00 + GST$92.00 GST Inclusive Daewoo Freezer Lower Drawer (ice blue)
Part nr: 20015371
Suits Models: FF 311VPA
Currently on back order- ETA 8-12 weeks … Read More »
Daewoo Fridge Door Gasket
$51.00 + GST$58.65 GST Inclusive Daewoo Fridge door gasket
Part nr: DDENZ-3020400120
Suits Models: Daewoo FL-380 VPA  … Read More »
Showing 5 of 5 Products (Page 1 of 1)

Can't Find a Part? Ask AB Appliances

If you cannot locate a spare part send us an email with the Make and Model and any other specifics.

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