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Oven Lamp - Halogen - Suits OB76 OB90 OD301 & 2 OS301 & 2

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Oven bulb Lamp Halogen 20w Note this is the bulb only Suits the following models: Oven models beginning OB76 OB76DDEPM1 OB76DDEPX1 OB76DDEPX1 OB76DDEPM1 OB76SDEPM1 OB76SDEPX1 OB76SDEPX1 OB76SDEPM1 Oven models beginning OB90 OB90S9MEPX1 OB90S9MEPM1 Oven models beginning OD and OS OD302 OD302M OS302 OS302M OD301 OD301M OD301V2 OD301MV2 OS301 OS301M OS301V2 OS301MV2

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