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Universal General Parts

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Fisher & Paykel Fridge Single Bottle Holder
$20.00 + GST$23.00 GST Inclusive Individual bottle holders can be spread out across any shelf in the refrigerator or when not in use can be stacked on top of each other.
They have a groove which clips over a lip at the back of the shelf in some refrigerators.
In other refrigerators wit … Read More »
8mm Water Hose Connector
$10.00 + GST$11.50 GST Inclusive 8mm water hose connector to suit 8mm piping found on many fridge freezer water dispenser systems
P/N; PU-8 … Read More »
Fridge Freezer Defrost Timer 6hr
$30.00 + GST$34.50 GST Inclusive Fridge Freezer Defrost Timer 6 Hr
Fits most makes of non electronic Fridge and freezers … Read More »
Fridge Freezer Water Hose 8mm 00110226
$40.00 + GST$46.00 GST Inclusive 8mm X 5 Metre Water Hose to suit GE, Whirlpool, LG,Westinghouse Fridges.
  … Read More »
Freezer Service Thermostat Danfoss
$80.00 + GST$92.00 GST Inclusive Freezer Thermostat to suit domestic  freezer.
Fits many brands including Simpson, FP, Samsung … Read More »
Fridge Thermostat VC1
$22.00 + GST$25.30 GST Inclusive Fridge Thermostat to suit domestic refrigerator.
Fits many brands including Simpson, FP, Samsung … Read More »
Fridge Thermostat VT9 Fridge Freezer thermostat
$22.00 + GST$25.30 GST Inclusive Fridge Thermostat to suit domestic fridge freezer.
Fits many brands including Simpson, FP, Samsung … Read More »
Fridge Condensor Fan Motor 5W
$50.00 + GST$57.50 GST Inclusive 5W Condensor Fan Motor to suit domestic and small commercial refrigerators and freezers. … Read More »
Whirlpool Fridge Fan Motor MES (F61-10G) 481936170011
$50.00 + GST$57.50 GST Inclusive Whirlpool fridge fan motor:
Tech Notes : Mm diameter . 100 , 220-240 Volt   … Read More »
Maytag Fridge Water Filter UKF7003
$90.00 + GST$103.50 GST Inclusive Water Filter to suit Maytag fridges also fits certain Whirlpool, Smeg, Beko.
P/N: Maytag UKF7003 - WH 480181700844 - 480181700734 - Arcelik - Beko 4346610101 - 4830310100 - Smeg 763410342 … Read More »
Bosch Fridge Water Filter CS-52
$80.00 + GST$92.00 GST Inclusive Water Filter for Bosch fridges CS-52
Part nr: 00640565
Suits: KAN58A40AU/09; KAN58A70AU/08; KAN58A40AU/07 … Read More »
Refrigerator Fan Commercial 17W
$40.00 + GST$46.00 GST Inclusive Tech Notes:
Watt 20/19, Volt 230,  Watt 17
Dim: 120x120x38 … Read More »
Fridge Freezer In Line Water Filter
$50.00 + GST$57.50 GST Inclusive In Line Water to filter to suit any fridge freezer with external connected in line water filter.
Comes with pipe connections and wall bracket.
Service capacity:
6 Months or 5000L
(Beko P/N: 4386410100) … Read More »
Universal Fridge Freezer 3 in 1 Relay Start Capacitor
$80.00 + GST$92.00 GST Inclusive Fridge Freezer Compressor 3 in 1 Start Capacitor, Relay and Overlaod.
Suits 1/4 to 1/3 hp compressors
Models adapt to 115V; 230V and 240V compressors having external overload protectors
P/N; RC0420 … Read More »
Smeg Fridge Lamp / Bulb
$28.00 + GST$32.20 GST Inclusive Smeg Fridge Oven Lamp / Bulb
220V 25W Part nr: 824610802 
Suits Models: FAB28RAZ1
FAB28RUJ1 Smeg FAB28RUJ1 271L Vertical Fridge … Read More »
Showing 15 of 15 Products (Page 1 of 1)

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