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Top Oven Element 447750P
$110.00 + GST$126.50 GST Inclusive Oven Element
Suits F&P MODELS: 
Product Code Models 87357, 87595, 87352, 84538, 87361, 88225, 88226, 87356 BI600A, BI600AA, BI600C, BI600CR, BI600E, BI600G, BI600GR, BI600P, BI600R, BI600RR, BI600S, BI600X, BICT60 … Read More »
Top Oven Element 542656
$150.00 + GST$172.50 GST Inclusive Oven Element
Suits Models:
RA6012, BI602ED, BI603 … Read More »
Fisher & Paykel Oven Element
$157.32 + GST$180.92 GST Inclusive F& P Element (Bake/Grill)
Part nr: 5045H
Model nr: 
Suits F&P Wall Oven models - Beginning with RA610535/635/650/645/620.
NOTE: Smiths P/N SOE16. … Read More »
Fisher Paykel Stove Element 200mm with bowl
$120.00 + GST$138.00 GST Inclusive Fisher Paykel stove element 200 mm comes complete with bowl.
Suits Models:
RA6102AW RA6102AWC RA6102AWP RA6102B RA6102BC RA6102FAW RA6102MAW RA6102MAWS RA6102MEDS RA6102MEW RA6102MEWC RA6102MEWS, RA6102AW RA6102AWP RA6102B RA6102FAW RA6102MAW RA610 … Read More »
Stove Cooktop Element 1800W 180mm Diameter
$160.00 + GST$184.00 GST Inclusive Cooktop and stove top element suits mulitple brands
180 1800W 
Suits Models
Beko HIC64101 … Read More »
Fisher & Paykel Lower Bake Element 447751p
FP 447751p
$95.00 + GST$109.25 GST Inclusive Fisher & Paykel Oven Lower Bake Element
P/N: 447751p
Suit models: BI601 SERIES, ALL BI451 SERIES, ALL BI600 SERIES OVENS, BI601CTE, BI601CTE, BI601C, BI601G, BI601R, BI601E, BI601A, BI601X, BI601QASX, BI601QAE, BI601Q, BI601QASE … Read More »
Fisher Paykel Oven Fan Element
$140.00 + GST$161.00 GST Inclusive Fisher Paykel Kit Element Assy  / Fan
P/N: 542959P
Suits Models:
Product code: 87977 … Read More »
Cooktop Element 2000w 180mm Diameter
$100.00 + GST$115.00 GST Inclusive Ceramic Cooktop Element
Suits Westinghouse and Fisher Paykel Cooktops.
P/N: 374063622 or 577393P
WESTINGHOUSE MODELS: pak509rc*40, PPN778W*46, PPN778S*46, PPN778W*45, PPN776S*46, PPN778S*45, PN776S*45, PPN776W*45, PPN776S*47, PPN776W*47, PPN778S*47, PP … Read More »
F&P Lower Assy Element
$88.00 + GST$101.20 GST Inclusive F&P Assy Lower Element
Part nr: 541608 superceeded to 542657P (also superceeded : 541608P)
Dimensions: 330mm x 360mm
Suits Models: BI600 SERIES, BI600E, BI600ED, BI600QASE, BI600QASE2, BI600CR, BI600S, RA6102, BI600, BI450, BI601 & BI … Read More »
Showing 9 of 9 Products (Page 1 of 1)

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