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Switches & Controls

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00600071 (R)
$35.00 + GST$40.25 GST Inclusive Bosch KEYS  SET SILVER
Model  SGS46M78AU/86
Image nr 0123 … Read More »
Bosch Dishwasher Door Lock
$52.00 + GST$59.80 GST Inclusive Bosch Dishwasher Door Lock
Suits all Models starting with: SMS50E32AU
Part nr: 10006917 (Replacement part of 00636708 00652509 00629580 00623848 00644989 00630628) … Read More »
Bosch Dishwasher Float switch (microswitch)
00622035 (b)
$67.00 + GST$77.05 GST Inclusive Bosch Dishwasher Float switch (microswitch)
Part nr: 00622035
Suits Models:
SMU66MS02A/60; SMU50E65AU/18, SMU50E35AU/03; SMS88TI01A/11; SMS69T28AU/80; SBV69T00AU/50; SMS40M12AU/86; SMV69T10AU/73; SMS88TI02A/01; SMU50M05AU/D4; SMS63M18AU/73; SMU68M05AU/ … Read More »
Bosch Dishwasher Programmed Power Module
00656081 b
$300.00 + GST$345.00 GST Inclusive Bosch Dishwasher Programmed PCB
Part  nr: 00656081
Suits Models: SMU50E35AU/03
Please check with us before ordering.
PCB is not returnable. … Read More »
Bosch Dishwasher On/OFF Switch 165242 Second Hand $50.00 + GST$57.50 GST Inclusive Bosch Dishwasher Main Power Switch Second Hand
P/N: 165242
Suits Most 6-15 year old Bosch Dishwashers.
Part can be returned within 7 days if incorrect for a full refund
Currently not in stock. … Read More »
Bosch Dishwasher Control PCB 651444 Second Hand
$150.00 + GST$172.50 GST Inclusive Second hand Bosch PCB suit SMS63M08AU … Read More »
Showing 6 of 6 Products (Page 1 of 1)

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