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Doors & Handles

Fisher & Paykel Systems Issue!

Fisher & Paykel currently have a critical issue with their ordering and despatch system.

Currently no F&P parts are able to be processed.

Customers can still order parts however there may be a delay in despatch untill issue is resolved

Thank you for your patience.


The AB Appliances Team

Note: All prices are exclusive of GST

We can ship spare parts New Zealand wide

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Bosch Dryer DOOR FRAME
00445736 (B)
$112.00 + GST$128.80 GST Inclusive Bosch Dryer DOOR FRAME
Part nr: 00445736
Suits Model: WTV74100AU/15 , WTE84100AU/02 … Read More »
$30.00 + GST$34.50 GST Inclusive HINGE WTA2000 DRYER
Part nr: 00153693 … Read More »
Bosch Dryer Door Handle 644221
$12.00 + GST$13.80 GST Inclusive Bosch Dryer Door Handle
P/N: 00644221
Suits Models:
BOSCH SIEMENS (WTE... - WTS... - WTV... WTE84101AU/24
WTV74100AU/13, WTV74100AU/11, WTV74100AU/18, WTE84101AU/38, WTV74100AU/15, WTV74100AU/12, WTE84100AU/02, WTE84100AU … Read More »
Bosch Dryer WINDOW
00445735 (B)
$100.80 + GST$115.92 GST Inclusive Bosch Dryer Window
Diagram image: 0304
Part nr: 00445735B
Suits Model: WTV74100AU/15  … Read More »
Dryer Door Handle 00644222 suits Bosch
$60.00 + GST$69.00 GST Inclusive Bosch Dryer Door Handle Silver
P/N: AB644222
Suits Models:
WTE8601AU/16, WTE68303AU/30, WTE86301AU/08, WTE86302AU/27, WTE86302AU/24 WTE86301AU/16 … Read More »
Bosch Dryer Plastic glass cover
$60.00 + GST$69.00 GST Inclusive Bosch Dryer Plastic glass cover (transparent)
Part nr: 11004003
Suits Models: WTW85460AU/05;  … Read More »
Showing 6 of 6 Products (Page 1 of 1)

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