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COVID-19 Essential Service Provider

During the next 4 weeks we will be operating as a Essential Service Provider for Washing Machines, Fridge Freezers, Ovens/Stoves & Cooktops.

Other appliances may be repaired if they present an electrical hazard or are in a commercial environment.

Most parts are also still available and can be supplied via our online store and couriered out.

Safe working practices and social distancing will be maintained at all times.

The AB Appliances Team

Note: All prices are exclusive of GST

We can ship spare parts New Zealand wide

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Universal Extendable Oven Rack
$45.00 + GST$51.75 GST Inclusive Universal Extendable Oven Rack
Minimum 350mm deep X 480mm wide
Maximum extended length 350mm deep X 740mm wide. … Read More »
Universal Oven Rack 600 844090737
$60.00 + GST$69.00 GST Inclusive Universal Oven Rack to suit 600 Ovens
44cm Wide X 35cm Deep
Suits Smeg 844090737 … Read More »
Universal Extendable Oven Rack
$45.00 + GST$51.75 GST Inclusive Universal Adjustabe  Extendable Oven Rack
Minimum 320mm deep X 350 mm Wide
Maximum 320mm deep X 560 mm Wide … Read More »
Universal Extendable Oven Rack 535221
$30.00 + GST$34.50 GST Inclusive Universal Adjustabe  Extendable Oven Rack
Minimum 23 deep X 27.5cm Wide
Maximum 23 deep X 41cm wide … Read More »
Universal Oven Roasting Tray
$70.00 + GST$80.50 GST Inclusive Universal Oven Roasting Tray
44cm Wide X 34.5cm Deep … Read More »
Bosch Oven Wire rack
$80.00 + GST$92.00 GST Inclusive Bosch Oven Wire Rack
Multi-use wire shelf Replacement of 00434175 00440579
Part nr:  00574876
465 x 375 x 20 mm
Suits Models:
HBA13B250A/35, HBF133BS0A/04, HBG73S550A/45, HBG73S550A/35, HBN560550A/02, HBN731551A/01, HBN43M550 … Read More »
Bosch Oven Rack Support Fixing 644828
$70.00 + GST$80.50 GST Inclusive Bosch Oven Rack Support Fixings
P/N: 644828 … Read More »
466546 Bosch Self Cleaning Holder Pair
P/N466546 … Read More »
Bosch Multi-use wire oven shelf
00577170 (B)
$108.74 + GST$125.05 GST Inclusive Bosch Multi-use wire oven shelf
Ideal for ovens with side or drop opening doors Dimensions: 45.5 x 37.5 x 3cm Suitable for use with all types of cookware Part nr: 00577170
Suits Model: HBG633BS1A/35 , HEZ634070,  … Read More »
Bosch Oven Frying Pan / Oven Baking Tray
$120.00 + GST$138.00 GST Inclusive BOSCH OVEN BAKING TRAY / FRYING PAN
Suits Model: HBA23B150A/07
Dimensions: 46.46 cm x 37.5 cm x 3.7 cm (length x width x height)
Tested and approved accessory
PART NR: 434178
Suitable for various models within the HB...HBA../HBC../HBN../HBR../HE../HE … Read More »
Glass pan for ovens
441174 (R)
$150.00 + GST$172.50 GST Inclusive Glass pan / tray for ovens
Part nr: 441174
43.95 X 35 X 2.8CM
Suit Models: HBC86K750A/05 
Before ordering, please check whether this glass tray is compatible with your appliance
ETA: 6 -10 days … Read More »
Bosch Full extension rails 3-fold 3-level telescopic oven rails
00708430 (B)
$300.00 + GST$345.00 GST Inclusive Bosch Full extension rails 3-fold 3-level telescopic oven rails
3-level telescopic shelf rails - full extendable Allows you to remove trays, pans and shelve easily from the oven Universal pan can be put at three levels Please see manual for compatibilit … Read More »
Showing 12 of 12 Products (Page 1 of 1)

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