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Bosch Oven Wire rack
$80.00 + GST$92.00 GST Inclusive Bosch Oven Wire Rack
Multi-use wire shelf Replacement of 00434175 00440579
Part nr:  00574876
465 x 375 x 20 mm
Suits Models:
HBA13B250A/35, HBF133BS0A/04, HBG73S550A/45, HBG73S550A/35, HBN560550A/02, HBN731551A/01, HBN43M550 … Read More »
Universal Extendable Oven Rack
$45.00 + GST$51.75 GST Inclusive Universal Extendable Oven Rack
Minimum 350mm deep X 480mm wide
Maximum extended length 350mm deep X 740mm wide. … Read More »
Universal Oven Rack 600 844090737
$60.00 + GST$69.00 GST Inclusive Universal Oven Rack to suit 600 Ovens
44cm Wide X 35cm Deep
Suits Smeg 844090737 … Read More »
Universal Oven Roasting Tray
$70.00 + GST$80.50 GST Inclusive Universal Oven Roasting Tray
44cm Wide X 34.5cm Deep … Read More »
Universal Extendable Oven Rack
$45.00 + GST$51.75 GST Inclusive Universal Adjustabe  Extendable Oven Rack
Minimum 320mm deep X 350 mm Wide
Maximum 320mm deep X 560 mm Wide … Read More »
Universal Extendable Oven Rack 535221
$30.00 + GST$34.50 GST Inclusive Universal Adjustabe  Extendable Oven Rack
Minimum 23 deep X 27.5cm Wide
Maximum 23 deep X 41cm wide … Read More »
466546 Bosch Self Cleaning Holder Pair
P/N466546 … Read More »
Bosch Multi-use wire oven shelf
00577170 (B)
$108.00 + GST$124.20 GST Inclusive Bosch Multi-use wire oven shelf
Ideal for ovens with side or drop opening doors Dimensions: 45.5 x 37.5 x 3cm Suitable for use with all types of cookware Part nr: 00577170
Suits Model: HBG633BS1A/35 , HEZ634070,  … Read More »
Bosch Oven Frying Pan / Oven Baking Tray
$120.00 + GST$138.00 GST Inclusive BOSCH OVEN BAKING TRAY / FRYING PAN
Suits Model: HBA23B150A/07
Dimensions: 46.46 cm x 37.5 cm x 3.7 cm (length x width x height)
Tested and approved accessory
PART NR: 434178
Suitable for various models within the HB...HBA../HBC../HBN../HBR../HE../HE … Read More »
Bosch Oven Rack Support Fixing 644828
00644828 (b)
$150.00 + GST$172.50 GST Inclusive Bosch Oven Rack Support Fixings
Part nr: 00644828 … Read More »
Glass pan for ovens
441174 (R)
$150.00 + GST$172.50 GST Inclusive Glass pan / tray for ovens
Part nr: 441174
43.95 X 35 X 2.8CM
Suit Models: HBC86K750A/05 
Before ordering, please check whether this glass tray is compatible with your appliance
ETA: 6 -10 days … Read More »
Bosch Full extension rails 3-fold 3-level telescopic oven rails
00708430 (B)
$300.00 + GST$345.00 GST Inclusive Bosch Full extension rails 3-fold 3-level telescopic oven rails
3-level telescopic shelf rails - full extendable Allows you to remove trays, pans and shelve easily from the oven Universal pan can be put at three levels Please see manual for compatibilit … Read More »
Westinghouse / Electrolux EXTENDABLE OVEN/ GRILL SHELF
$134.00 + GST$154.10 GST Inclusive Westinghouse / Electrolux Extendable oven wire shelf / rack Part nr: ACC067
Multiple size adjustments. Size starts at 350mm and extends to 560mm … Read More »
Showing 13 of 13 Products (Page 1 of 1)

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